Dance Curriculum


Movement explorations are an important part of the developmental process.  Play-acting, creative movement, rhythm skills, and an introduction to basic dance technique and terminology are provided in a safe and fun environment.  In movement explorations, children are taught to love movement.  Through development and growth, they can then be taught to dance.

Pre-ballet, pre-contemporary and pre-fusion classes are more structured movement classes aimed at easing the transition to the technique levels.

Rhythm a fun filled movement class with an introduction to tap and character dance.

Ballernazz combines ballet, modern, jazz and creative movement in a fun filled action packed class.

Technique Classes:

Click image to enlarge.Ballet (ages 8 & up)  Classes focus on vocabulary, placement and alignment, core strength, musicality and fluid ballet technique. Pointe students are required to take ballet technique twice a week. Variations is a class aimed at learning dances from the ballet repertory.

Fusion (ages 8 & up)  Dance technique inspired by vernacular dance and movement. What is vernacular dance? It is the dance of ordinary people. Movement that grows from the music and social dances of an era. Fusion is taught with an eye toward history & society. Students will explore a wide range of styles….Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin, African, Street & Social Dance. Strength, flexibility, musicality, and weight are important as we focus on elements of style and attitude. This is dance with a wide range of music, it is meant to be social and fun!

Contemporary (ages 8 & up)  Fundamentals of modern dance technique combined with improvisation and composition.  These classes explore space, going in and out of the floor, upside down and right side up and all the fun places in between, by yourself and with partners.

Adult Dance (teen through adult)  What are you waiting for? Dance is fun… 

Boys Dance (ages 6-7-8 & 9 & up) Ages 6-7-8 will combine with the rhythm class for a fun filled movement class with an element of tap. Ages 8 & up is a fast paced class just for boys. Street dance fused with jazz, contemporary & improvisation.

Performance Dance:

Performance dance is a by-audition only class for dancers ages 8 & up.  This class is aimed at the serious student who wants a pre-professional dance company experience.